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Behind the scenes: Youtopia photoshoot

10 Jun

We were singing this song several times today during our photoshoot today. We were doing EVERYTHING by ourselves this time: make up, styling, photographing, props, location – It was all our work! 😉

Here are some behind the scenes photos that we uploaded to our instagram today. Please follow us: youtopiase

Our lovely muse: Cissi – isn’t she gorgeous?

Nathalie in action!

Much love,


Tsubasa like you never seen her before!

6 Apr

Our beloved Gyaru princess looks like a bad ass rock chick in this styling. WE LOVE IT!



80’s denim shorts

7 Mar

This is how to style those cool 80’s style denim shorts. Keep it simple with a knitted top tucked into the shorts and a thin belt around the waist. Supercool!



STYLING INSPO: Same item – different ways

3 Feb

Found these grate styling tips in a Korean web magazine called nnOnn

Some items are really good to include in your wardrobe for several reasons – like they can be worn in many different ways.  To dress up or more casual – it’s all about how you decide to style it.



If we would style Paris Hilton…

2 Feb

We would make her into an expensive looking Gyaru gal and this would be a suitable look for her! How do you like it?

Best regards,

Styling inspiration

11 Dec

The real skill in styling, is when you can put outfits together that 1. inspire others 2. Is not something anyone would guess would look great together. 3. When you do the unexpected and surprise. Like in this first picture:  A sporty jacket, flower printed pants are not something that normally would work but in this picture it is MAGIC. That’s what impress us  when it comes to styling, and also what we strive for when styling for our webshop.






14 Nov

Or is it just the wonders of styling? Hmmm… looks supercool anyways 🙂



We will never stop being in love…

25 Oct


… with this dress.

It’s our favourite GAGA style evar. So gyaru and still super avant garde! We don’t get the shoes though, do you? Why wear skin coloured ankle boots to a gorgeous creation like that? A bit confusing but it was during the early days of HAUS OF GAGA and everyone can make mistakes ^^

What do you think of the dress and the shoes?




Have fun layering!

21 Oct

Outfits like these gets our imagination going and we actually realize how many different garments and layers you can have at once. It’s all about coordinating and getting that perfect feel for it. And always wear a statement piece if you want to STAND OUT (in the crowd 🙂 Here it is the infamous EARMUFFS. Oh, they’re back and we love them.



One striped skirt – 2 ways!

16 Aug


We get so inspired by the styling qualities in Korea/Japan.

Playful, daring, personal and always.. surprising. You never know what to expect and that’s the charm! We love this example: one black and orange striped skirt in two different ways, both ways just as awesome! What style would you rather go for? We can’t choose!


-Stand out in the crowd-


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