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Behind the scenes: Youtopia photoshoot

10 Jun

We were singing this song several times today during our photoshoot today. We were doing EVERYTHING by ourselves this time: make up, styling, photographing, props, location – It was all our work! 😉

Here are some behind the scenes photos that we uploaded to our instagram today. Please follow us: youtopiase

Our lovely muse: Cissi – isn’t she gorgeous?

Nathalie in action!

Much love,



7 May

Are u watching the new season of ANTM – Brittish invasion?

The Brits (from previous UK’s next top model) and the Americans (new contestants) compete against eachother this time around.

On a photoshoot they are dressed up in HK couture works of art by designer Francis Libirian. Photographer was Anne He – only 16 years old! We think the whole shoot is very impressive and inspiring. We watch ANTM to get inspired by the photoshoots, styling and the creativity on the show and this is another example of a job well done:

Lunchbox fashion!

Our favorite photo – so fierce!

Images: http://www.catster.com



Amazing Photoshoot!

4 May

Fotographer Melissa Rodwell for Kurv magazine. Theme: Asian models, documentary style! Creative and tells a story. We love it! ❤



Hair inspiration for Youtopia shoot

9 Mar

We’re having a photo shoot for Youtopia tomorrow.

The theme is a litte bohemic and we’re getting help from a hairdresser student with hair styles. These are the inspirational pics we sent her. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hope we get some good pics for the shop!

Ihhhhh can’t wait!



BEHIND THE SCENES: Youtopia photoshoot

9 Oct

Today has been a productive Youtopia-day. We’ve been in the studio with our photographer and has snapped some new pics on new items for our webshop. Our models looked cute as always, and here are some behind the scenes footage^^

Our models: Anna and Cissi

Rachel working

Stay tuned for updates!



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