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Marina and the Diamonds – love her versatile style!

12 Jun

One day she is 60’s elegance, the next day she’s fierce and kawaii… just to surprise everyone the day after when she wears a hippopotamus on her dress.

It’s outrageous. Outrageously cool – and we can’t help but love Marina and the Diamond’s amazing look and versatile fun style!

Which style do you like the most? Or is everyone of them just wacky? 🙂




Unbelievable nails

12 Nov

Have u seen nails that have been decorated like this before? Outrageous in every direction!



Japanese inspired outfits VMA’s 2011

29 Aug

Both Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj had japanese inspired outfits at the VMA’s this year.

Nicki’s style was an extreme Decora style – outrageous but totally fun! I bet she never goes to a party and meet someone with the same outfit as her ^_^ That’s unique right there.

Katy Perry was supersweet in a modern version of the Geisha style. With a paper umbrella and everything!

Did u watch the show? Who had the best outfit and what live preformance was off the hook? Our favourite? Lady Gaga ofc!



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