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Our favorite circle lens eye color

16 Mar

Choose blue lenses if you want your eyes to really pop and be bright and eye catching. The lighter and more intense color you choose, the more reactions and comments you’ll get for your beautiful eyes 🙂

Green is cool and more edgy. Choose a more natural green color for a more suttle look. If you want people to turn their heads (and why wouldn’t you want that? 🙂 then choose a more vivid color like the one on the picture above.

Dark grey is supercool! The darker the cooler, but you’ll get less comments about this one but more people looking you straight in the eyes trying to figure our what’s different about them 😉

Which one is your favorite? VOTE!




NEW TREND: One colour outfits

8 Feb

Browsed trough som Korean fashion magazines and noticed a Men’s fashion trend: outfits completly in the same colour.

Have a look at these grey and red ones below:


The red one is RAD but very daring! Go for grey if you want to try out the trend but do a strong colour if you’re not afraid to stand out 🙂 Supercool!



Grey circle lenses and blonde highlights

12 Jun


Love this look!



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