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We’re moving!

18 Jun


We will no longer be blogging on our wordpress blog. This is the last post here. GOOD NEWS – we will still continue this blog on our own website: so please keep following, commenting and be interactive in our world of awesomeness! ^-^




EDIT: REMEMBER – If you subscribe on this blog you will have to redo it on the NEW webpage at the bottom of the site. Thanks! Any questions? Feel free to email us:

Behind the scenes: Youtopia photoshoot

10 Jun

We were singing this song several times today during our photoshoot today. We were doing EVERYTHING by ourselves this time: make up, styling, photographing, props, location – It was all our work! 😉

Here are some behind the scenes photos that we uploaded to our instagram today. Please follow us: youtopiase

Our lovely muse: Cissi – isn’t she gorgeous?

Nathalie in action!

Much love,


Dead bunny top

22 May

We love this print on tops! We actually have a dead bunny top in our store!

It’s so cutsey and bizarre at the same time – totally unique. Check it out below.

Click HERE to shop! 🙂




Youtopia is searching for young & talented photograpers

28 Apr

We were very inspired by the photos in this blogpost by Anne He.

She’s only 16 years old but such a talented fashion photographer already. Her talent is amazing!

We know there are a lot of you out there – talented girls and boys who want to get noticed and recognized through the art of photography.

If you live in the South of Sweden reading this and think you’ve got what it takes and want to photograph for

Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Photos by: Anne He



LOVE THE LOOK: Long Stripes

11 Apr

Long, black & white, vertical stripes are very hot at the moment.

Wear the trend on pants, blazers or skirts – just wear it! ^-^ If you want to get some inspiration om how to combine the black and white stripes, take a look at our Lotta skirt below, it looks adorable with a cute top in a strong color like our Dead Bunny top ^-^



Styling by HOFH

10 Apr

Cool Swedish blogger HOFH has styled this cool Youtopia sweat in her own way. We love her look! Click here to shop 🙂

Have u shopped in our store and want the possiblity to shine like a star on a banner with a link to your blog? Please submit outfit pictures to: and you will end up on our review page and if you’re really lucky you’ll end up on the frontpage with a link to your blog ^0^



by Margounnette – Sneak peak!

7 Apr

French t-shirt designer Margounnette will soon have some custom made t-shirts created exclusivly for Youtopia in our shop!

There will be three styles: One Sailor inspired with a huge bow, one that says ” I love cup cakes” n__n and one with patch work that we call the Safari style. We are proud to present the work of this creative girl in our shop, and it will be the first designer collaboration for Youtopia. More pictures soon! Until then check out Margounnettes website HERE.

Are you an aspiring designer and looking for somewhere to sell and showcase your designs?

Feel free to contact us – if your style suits our concept we might be interested in selling your fashion to the world ^-^ Email us with pictures and info about your work:



BOOM – in your face!

29 Mar

Guess what ladies? This MIKIKO bestseller is FINALLY back in stock in our store!

Check it out HERE.

Soon in Youtopia shop…

21 Mar

Assymetric striped jersey dress – a sexy must have. Keep an eye out 😉



Coming soon

15 Mar

Don’t forget to click your way in to our webshop. Very soon we will fill the shop with new items like these. Promise that there’s lots of goodies you just can’t be without this spring ^-^



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