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SEOUL tip: Dog café

26 Sep

If you love dogs as much as I do (I smile everytime I see one). I can really recommend visiting a dog café when in Seoul. It was a strange, thrilling and cozy experience.

What is a Dog café?
It’s a café like any other, just that it is filled with dogs in all shapes and sizes. You buy an entrance fee and that includes a beverage of own choice and then you can cuddle all you want with the doggies! They live at the café and are playing with eachother there. It’s like a big herd of dogs. At first they welcome you and I was a bit hesitant in the beginning. It was mainly cause the café host pointed out the pictures of 3 dogs after we’ve paid, and said: no pet. BITE!!

As soon as we got into the café I had forgotten what 3 dogs not to pet. Luckily my friend remembered and we could avoid the unfriendly dogs. It turned out to be a great experience and several dogs actually cuddled up in my lap, some fell asleep and it was supercute.

Would definatly recommend a visit to a Dog café! But ONLY for non-allergic dog lovers. ^_^ There is one in Hong dae and one in Myeong-Dong – the one I visited.



Cool bag

23 Sep

Snapped this picture of a cool girl with this gorgeous studded bag at the Metrocity fashion show afterparty. Isn’t it cool?

Heading home to Sweden now. Have had such a good time in Seoul. Hope to come back soon. Have still a lot of inspirational pics to show u guys. ^^ Home in about… gaaah 30 hours or so? -_- See u!



Seoul Shopping guide part 1

19 Sep

We want to give our readers some shopping tips in Seoul.

Let’s start off with Myeong-Dong the most well known shopping area in the city. It peaks in the evenings when everyone is off work. Music is bursting out on the walking street and it’s often K-pop or other uplifting party music. We’ll guide you to our favourite stores in the area…

You’ve probably visited Forever 21 before if you’ve been in the US. Then it’s no suprise that this is the best cheap american chain to get fast fashion. Some thing is of quite bad quality but it dosen’t matter. You can really find nice stuff for good prices here and it is definatly worth a visit. The place is PACKED with tourists and Koreans so if you don’t like shopping when it’s crowded you should avoid going on weekends and during evenings. Website:

Pancoat is a cute Korean brand. Very kawaii! Here you can get the cutest colorful sweaters and tee’s with animal prints. The pancoat signature print is the duck but you can get hedgehogs, pigs and other cuties too! Don’t miss out!

We love Spicy colour! This is the store for all korean hipsters with very stand out in the crowd-like fashion. It’s not that expensive even though we would consider it high end. Find that bright coloured purse here or a fab dress for going out. Definatley worth a visit!When in Korea, you can’t miss out on all the beauty stores. Seriously it’s like impossible. They are almost as common as 7/11. And there are so many different brands! Etude house is one of our favorites. Daria from 2ne1 is the current face for the brand. You will recognize the store as a pink house and we got immdiatley drawn into the cuteness. Get pretty cheap korean make up here or try their fake lashes, they are the most comfortable ones we’ve ever tried. There are several Etude house’s in Myeong-Dong and everyone of them is PACKED with korean girls who tries to get a hold of the latest beauty products.

Skin food is another Korean beauty brand. It’s like food for your skin, hence the name ^^ Try the beer cream, the egg white pore cleanser or the strawberry hand cream. This place is amazing and we get hungry from shopping there ^_^

Stay tuned for more Korean shopping tips!



Seoul nightlife guide

18 Sep

Nathalie before going out

Great DJ’s

Party hard!

Meeting new friends

Been a crazy weekend in Seoul. Experienced the best clubbing in my life in this city. It’s madness (in a good way). These are some pictures I’ve taken with my cellphone. Very underground in deed.

Clubs I recommend:

HOLIC – for great music, fun happenings and a really good time.  Don’t be shocked if u see: dance shows, fire or strippers on poles.

ELLUI – very VIP, big club with two dancefloors and a big VIP area. Crazy bartenders who will pour shots in people’s mouths and throw bottles in the air. Don’t be shocked if u see: Confetti rain or fireworks.

MADISON – cool smaller club in Hong-dae area. Lot’s of students and nice atmosphere. Don’t be shocked if u see: A broken toilet in the ladie’s room or if someone hooks you up with a model job for Seoul fashion week.

DOUBLE 8 – Secret after party club. Doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary from the outside but while you’re in it’s party like you’ve never seen it before. This is the place where all the beautiful models meet up at the end of the night or rather early in the morning. Don’t be shocked if u see: koreans who love plastic surgery or if the line to the ladie’s room actually is to the mirror, not the toilets.




Shopping, shopping, shopping…

11 Sep

Been in Myeong-Dong on a shopping sphree today. Went nuts on Forever 21, ate good Korean spicy chicken and my friend Marc who studies here introduced me to his friends who’s on visit from Hong Kong. We partied hard yesterday and it was perfect to go around town hungover and discover Seoul’s shopping area numero uno. To recommend: Åland and Spicy colours in Myeong-Dong! Cool clothes for cool Korean well dressed hipsters ^_^

Btw.. The night life her is sick! (in a good way) will post some pictures and give some good tips later!




Change your mood

11 Sep

Nathalie is in Korea as we speak. Enjoys Korean shopping and nightlife at the moment…

And chai latte from Dunkin’ Donuts with a “mood changer”. Change your mood easily! So cute!

Stay tuned for amazing updates from Korea!




20 Nov

We love Forever 21. Their clothes are fun and cute and so affordable! The Seoul flag ship store was impressive. The entrance with the mannequins lining up on the pathway was a fun idea.


Koreans love Forever 21 too!




20 Nov

Have you ever heard of cat cafés? They are pretty popular in Seoul. It’s a café where you can hang out with cats! The café is filled with them and while you drink your coffee you can cuddle and pet with the cats as much as you like. We did not have the time to try one but that was probably for the best since both of us are allergic to cats. There are also Dog cafés I’ve heard. Imagine getting to hold little puppies while having a cappuccino 🙂 Hope we get to go there next time we visit Korea.


Garfield is doing advertisement for a Cat café in Myeong-Dong.




Korean hairstyles ^^

20 Nov

Since all Korean girls look have so nice and beautiful haircuts we felt we had to get our hair makeovers while in Korea. To color and cut your hair was surprisingly cheap and we were very satisfied with the result. Felt like we could blend in a bit better with the gorgeous crowd 🙂

We’re back home in Sweden now and miss Korea already. Never before met so honest and helpful people. We could never have managed to get everything we needed for our website without the help we got from everyone we met. Hope we can go back soon and have more time to see more of the amazing city Seoul.



Funny photos

18 Nov

Why do not these funny photo boots exist in Europe?

It is so fun to take photos and then add nice backgrounds. You can even add funny animal ears and write on the pictures. We hope someone will take this Japanese fun idea to Europe soon!^_^



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