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Shopping, shopping, shopping…

11 Sep

Been in Myeong-Dong on a shopping sphree today. Went nuts on Forever 21, ate good Korean spicy chicken and my friend Marc who studies here introduced me to his friends who’s on visit from Hong Kong. We partied hard yesterday and it was perfect to go around town hungover and discover Seoul’s shopping area numero uno. To recommend: Åland and Spicy colours in Myeong-Dong! Cool clothes for cool Korean well dressed hipsters ^_^

Btw.. The night life her is sick! (in a good way) will post some pictures and give some good tips later!




Change your mood

11 Sep

Nathalie is in Korea as we speak. Enjoys Korean shopping and nightlife at the moment…

And chai latte from Dunkin’ Donuts with a “mood changer”. Change your mood easily! So cute!

Stay tuned for amazing updates from Korea!



Youtopia @ Malmöfestivalen

26 Aug

We’ve been giving out postcards with an amazing offer in our webshop at Malmöfestivalen.

We met these cute little Zombies! They we’re a part of the Zombie walk, a Zombie parade during the festival.


-Stand out in the crowd-

Questions & Answers

7 Aug

There’s over 12.000 of readers who visit us monthly and we’re interested in who you are? Maybe we could get to know eachother better?

We are two sisters from Sweden who adore Asian fashion, mainly the Korean and Japanese styles. That’s how we came up with the idea and wanted to open up our own webshop. We want to create an entire universe for people who loves asian fashion and that’s one of the reasons why we created the blog you’re reading right now: YOURYOUTOPIA.

We thought it would be fun if you could have the chance to write questions to us and we can gather them, and publish them, with a link to your blog (if you have one) togehter with our replies in a new blogpost.

Ask whatever you want! We promise to answer! Remember – there’s no such thing as a dumb question 🙂

Ask here in the comment field below, on facebook, or email us:


Dags att lära känna varandra bättre! Vi har varje månad 12.000 läsare på vår blogg men vi känner knappt varandra!

Vi är två systrar från Sverige som älskar asiatiskt mode, mest koreansk och japansk stil. Det var så idén till att starta vår egen webshop började.  Vi ville skapa ett universum för alla som älskar asiatiskt mode och det var en av anledningar till varför vi började med YOURYOUTOPIA bloggen.

Vi tänkte att det hade varit roligt om ni hade kunnat få ställa frågor till oss, fråga vad ni vill! Kom ihåg – det finns inga dumma frågor 🙂 Vi publicerar frågorna, med en länk till din blogg (om du har en), tillsammans med våra svar i ett nytt blogginlägg.

Fråga här i kommentarsfältet nedan, på facebook eller maila:


-Stand out in the crowd-

Going on a holiday

4 Jul

Nathalie is going on vacation this week! But don’t cry, Youryoutopia will still be updated with gorgeous gyaru posts and inspirational stand out in the crowd pictures for you to indulge in.You won’t even notice that she’s gone, before she’s back again on Saturday.

See u later alligator,


Happy Birthday to ya!

26 Jun

Today is Rachel’s birthday! Happy Birthday to the best sister in the entire world ❤


Good night!

14 Jun

Youtopia-sisters say good night! Nigthy- night! See u tomorrow ^^



Hope u had a great weekend!

22 May

Mine was fantastic! Sunshine, friends, good food and good times!




19 May

New wallet, so much more fun to go shopping with. What do you think? ^^

En av oss Youtopia-tjejer har köpt en ny plånbok. Visst är den fin?



9 May

We’re going out to grab a coffee but we wish we were going to this coffeeshop! And eating these cakes! Love/Youtopia

Ska ut och ta en kaffe nu, men önskar vi kunde gå till detta kafé och äta dessa kakorna! Kärlek!

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