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Boo – the cutest dog in the world

25 Apr

20120425-184104.jpgBoo has over 4 million fans on Facebook. And he’s a dog. Normally we blog about fashion. But Boo is so fashionable he’s an exception. Sporting everything from pink American apparel hoodies to different colored socks, he truly stands out in the crowd!




How cute is he? I bet you all went “aaaaawwww” by now 😉


PROs and CONs to being Gyaru!

6 Apr

This is so funneh!! And true?!



This is so adorable

11 Mar

haha!! ridin’ dirrty 🙂

Have Good Night!



Hello Kitty Bow

4 Mar

The signature red Hello Kitty bow is probably the world’s most famous bow and has become a true trademark for HK and cuteness around the world.

The bow can be seen as decoration om many different things and even as tattoos!

Check out our favorite items with the signature HK bow here:

Big bow as hair accessory

Cute finger tattoo

Cool ring!

Headphones ^-^

… and cupcakes – OF COURSE!



Hello Kitty-fie me!

28 Feb

As you may know, we are totally in love with the cutest cat in the world. From time to time, we just have to make a visit back to her.

How about the most expensive in the world? 167,000 USD

Or the biggest one, 2,5 meters tall!

Maybe we can’t get those, but we CAN go to this awesome Hello Kitty theme park. Yeay! Play! ^-^




Inspiration: Pink rooms

4 Jan

Weather it’s a castle, a bedroom or a shabby chic desk it’s pink.

It’s (almost) every little girls dream. A room that suits a princess just perfect 🙂



Funny Hello Kitty stuff

12 Dec

Yup, it’s one of those: Funny Hello Kitty posts again. We can’t help ourselves and we know u love em too…  🙂

HK playstation – HOW CUTE!

Hello Kitty SUSHI – well this is a challenge for sure. So impressive.

HAHAHA, if I had a car (don’t even have a driver’s license but anyways) this would be it. I would go so over the top with HK merchandise and so pink most people would puke. But I would be in heaven. 🙂



Cookiemonster Street Art

8 Dec

We totally love street art! This cookie monster is REALLY hungry! Poor thing ^^

It’s amusing what two ping pong bolls with dots on them can do with a little imagination. Don’t underestimate a creative mind!



Guess the Celeb!

5 Dec



Do you recognize this face? Well I did but had a hard time figuring out who it is. Comment if you can spot who it is! The first correct guess wins the honor of being totally AWESOME ^^



Gyaru art

4 Dec

I wouldn’t mind having these drawings hanging on my wall. Especially the one above. The eyes are so intense and so teared up it’s amazing. Do you think it’s happy or sad tears?



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