28 Nov

Is it impossible to look flawless? Nope. Not if you have this girl’s stylist. Simply perfect.




3 Responses to “Flawless”

  1. virtuos and beautiful November 28, 2011 at 08:02 #

    I have always felt uncomfortable with these pictures. I don’t think that the eye shape she has were the ones she was born with. This picture also have a lot of light which washes her facial features, and those are not her real eye color, but the pattern looks more like those of contact lenses. Her hair is died and her skin is white! I don’t mean fair, but straight out color white. Also, I don’t know if its because her skin color is washed out with white, but her arms look very thin. This tells me that it is not beautiful to be brown or a healthy weight and that small eyes are ugly.

    I really like Korean trends, and the Japanese fashion as it is really cute, colorful, and has a lot of interesting layering and accessories. I also think that Asian girls are so beautiful, and their hair so strong and silky, but those pictures don’t show the raw Asian beauty that I admire so much. But I guess that is the ideal “white anglo saxon” beauty that is also admired by many Latinas/os as well.

    • rachelseow November 29, 2011 at 19:57 #

      We understand your feelings and we agree, natural beauty is not to be forgotten. We are all beautiful to begin with, we are women and Youtopia celebrates women and girls firstly and art and fashion secondly. Which brings me to the point: Youryoutopia is not a blog about natural things, quite the contrary, it is about art/fashion/the deviant/the colourful, it’s about those things and people that stand out in the crowd. We also admit to loving cute things and asian fashion is all about cuteness. BUT we take a serious position in not advocating that young girls have to be skinny and pale. If you have seen the asian trend, Ganguro, you will see that they paint their faces totally brown and tanned. That’s another trend, another kind of beauty. We like all beauty, natural or not, we like boldness. We are aware of the fact that fashion affects girls negatively too, but we try not to do it by posting diversity and different things all the time! ❤

      • virtuos and beautiful December 3, 2011 at 05:55 #

        Thank you for your comment as it showed me that you cared and are aware of these things. Yes, fashion does tend to affect girls negatively as well as positively. What I like about fashion is that it encourages you to find your unique style and expose it to the world, but when you have negative views about yourself, fashion also feeds it. It is sort of as if fashion reconfirms what you already believe about yourself, whether it is good or bad.

        However, I am really happy to hear that you celebrate diversity and boldness, which, to me, is one of the most important parts of beauty and fashion.

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