Our favourite Halloween costumes

29 Oct

Are you panicking right now?

You are invited to this cool Halloween party and don’t know what to wear? Fear not! Youryoutopia always helps you out with inspiration, even at Halloween ^^

If you have a date the dead bride with her groom,
like Christina Aguilera and her ex husband in this picture, could be a cool idea.

Are you single but still want to go for the bride look – try “the Corpse bride” look!

If you’re not into scary stuff, be a fairy!

We are true Tim Burton fans so we think an  Edward Scissorhands look would be SOO COOL

This is actually Rachel, when I helped her out with her Halloween look years ago. If you want to scare the shit out of people, go for a scary movie look. “The Grudge” will scare everyone. If you’re not good with make up, go for “The Ring” and just have a long black wig in front of your face.
WARNING! You may not be able to see anything. Whatsoever.

She even scared me and I created her!

If you are really panicking and have NO time. Run to nearest store and buy vampire teeth and then
turn on your best make up skills. This video will be helpful.

Have a GREAT Halloween!!




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