Seoul nightlife guide

18 Sep

Nathalie before going out

Great DJ’s

Party hard!

Meeting new friends

Been a crazy weekend in Seoul. Experienced the best clubbing in my life in this city. It’s madness (in a good way). These are some pictures I’ve taken with my cellphone. Very underground in deed.

Clubs I recommend:

HOLIC – for great music, fun happenings and a really good time.  Don’t be shocked if u see: dance shows, fire or strippers on poles.

ELLUI – very VIP, big club with two dancefloors and a big VIP area. Crazy bartenders who will pour shots in people’s mouths and throw bottles in the air. Don’t be shocked if u see: Confetti rain or fireworks.

MADISON – cool smaller club in Hong-dae area. Lot’s of students and nice atmosphere. Don’t be shocked if u see: A broken toilet in the ladie’s room or if someone hooks you up with a model job for Seoul fashion week.

DOUBLE 8 – Secret after party club. Doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary from the outside but while you’re in it’s party like you’ve never seen it before. This is the place where all the beautiful models meet up at the end of the night or rather early in the morning. Don’t be shocked if u see: koreans who love plastic surgery or if the line to the ladie’s room actually is to the mirror, not the toilets.





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