Yoü and I

16 Aug

Lady Gaga just tweeted her new music video from the Album “Born this way” for the single “Yoü and I”.

Like true Lady Gaga fans we feel honored to be the 307th view on the Youtube video, since we know it will be MILLIONS in a couple of days. The video is spectacular, and fans won’t be disappointed! We have to admit, we’ve been looking forward to this one EVEN MORE since the video to “Edge of Glory” didn’t live up to our expectations, and the single is our favourite track from the album. But don’t worry, this one will blow your mind. The scenary is fantastic and all the characters Gaga’s portraying is fabulous. She’s even a guy! That’s something she’s never done before! But we can’t really figure out what the music video’s storyline is, other than we get the feel of old scary movies – the “Children of the Corn” setting and “Frankenstein”-like barn with mermaids and experiments. What do you think of the music video?

Favourite scences:

Gaga explains the music video:

“Beware of strange oddities. The more he tries to fix me, the more magical I become.”


-Stand out in the crowd-

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