Gyaru make up tip #3

22 Jun

How do I make my eyes pop and be noticed?

  • Use big circle lenses in a colour tone that’s different from your natural eye colour. Our tip is to go a bit lighter if you have dark eyes and a bit darker if you have light coloured eyes. It creates a different and exciting edge to your look.
  • Use both black and white eyeliner. The white is used to enlarge your eyes, and you use that one first. Afterwards you use the black one to draw a line next to the white line to create the illusion that your eyes actually are bigger than they appear.
  • Don’t be shy! Use lot’s of fake eyelashes. On this picture she even used two different ones and one of them are blue-coloured. Be brave to be able to STAND OUT IN THE CROWD! And don’t forget the lower eyelashes! Use fakelashes created for the lower lashes or cut long lashes to shorter ones. You don’t need to use fakelashes on the entire lower eyelashline. Just be sure to make it symmetrical!




2 Responses to “Gyaru make up tip #3”

  1. All Things Glamorous June 22, 2011 at 09:13 #

    Super Kawaii! I love big lashes and contacts, though I’ve never tried the oversized lenses before. Keep it up. Gotta love J-fashion!


  2. Nathalisen June 22, 2011 at 17:21 #

    Thanks for your comment! We love this look too! Gonna check out your blog now. Love, Nathalie

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