Gyaru-kei bohemian style

4 Jun


We love the Bohemian Gyaru-kei look. It’s very western inspired and keyitems are: long skirts, fringes, headbands, long hair and lots of bangles and accessories. Do you love it?




2 Responses to “Gyaru-kei bohemian style”

  1. cosmeticlover June 4, 2011 at 19:42 #

    Hello, I am looking for special gyaru style accessories for a friend who is crazy for gyaru style, and i found contact lens “gyaru style”, but as i know nothing about this can you tell me if it is really gyaru style of just marketing to sell more ?!
    I see these cosmetic lenses, brand is Dueba, can you tell me what you think ?

    Thank you for your expert advice ! I will read the reply here tomorrow if you have time to help me, and i will put your page on my facebook if you don’t mind, maybe some people can visit your site and also tell me what they think ?

    • Nathalisen June 5, 2011 at 08:48 #

      Thanks for commenting on our blog and calling us Gyaru-experts:D We love the Gyaru style! Circle lenses is very Gyaru but we have never heard of that brand before. We are always ordering circle lenses from:
      They have brands from Japan! Our favorite brand is “Barbie” and we can truly recommend the grey, green and brown ones. They are supersized and very doll-like, true gyaru style 🙂

      Hope u got some help to find the perfect gift for your friend. Be sure also check out our webshop: For cute Korean fashion ^_^

      Best regards,

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